Monday, August 10, 2015

Racing Rivals MrrAndroid Super Mega Mod Leaked

That's right people i have finally Decided to Leak this little Bitches VIP Mods since he decided to Scam an much of people and fuck us Over. Some of the features do not work properly and i will be updating them and fixing them. Enjoy his current VIP Mod.

Game: Racing Rivals
Version: 4.1.1
Root Needed?: 

1. TurboCharger Active During Race
2. SuperCharger Active During Race
3. Unlimited Daily Videos For Rewards [Fixed 05/05/15 ]
4. Opponent Spin [100% Success Rate] [NOT WORKING WITH AWD & FWD CARS] *
5. Boosts Always Active Even If You Didnt Purchase
6. No Engine Stress
7. No Engine Damage
8. Insane Grip
9. Cheat Detection Removed
10. All Paints Unlocked
11. Instant Part Install
12. Speed Rating Removed
13. All Cars Have Gold Underglow
14. All Parts Unlocked
15. Unlimited Tournament Tokens

Note: Spin hack may not work and it gives poopnent perfect launch instead

Opponent spin is the over rev glitch, generated by no engine stress or insane grip that modify opponent's rpm to red rev so they always spin but they can bypass the glitch by not rev (touch the pedal) and launch at 0.900 rpm.

This is how opponent's gauge looks like

IMPORTANT: When it says there is no more videos, this doesnt mean you dont have unlimited videos this just mean your region doesnt have more videos, so please use a vpn then start game then do one online race then go back to video and should be more video ! when Unlimited video not working it would say 'Daily Limit Reached'


1. Login with your Facebook account to save your data on original game.
2. Quit the game and uninstall Racing Rivals
3. Uninstall Facebook App because you can't login if you have Facebook app installed
4. Download The Modded APK
5. Install The Modded APK
6. Start the game & Enjoy

WARNING: This Game Is Not Compatible On Android 5.0+ We Are Waiting For GLU To Fix This
NOTE: To Login With Facebook You Must Uninstall Facebook App First, Then Run The Game And Login To Facebook After Game Fully Start And Sync With Facebook You May Install Facebook App Again, [Google Play Login Doesnt Work on Modded APK's]

Credits: @MrrJ For Being An Scamming Fag @AdedBiatch For The Leak That Deserves To Be FREE!


  1. Pro i have problam .. when i have unlocked compin 1 game restaret why ?

  2. Try upgrading some parts. Im going to release an new mod later tonight.

    1. Hello. Please help me.idk how if it said we can put matte paint or how do I pur gold underglow and more please explain me everything

    2. Hey 2016 year u srillbhear

    3. Do u still make mods autolaunch unlimted boost or somthing 5.0.3

  3. Hi dear how are u , bro why its come for me restart when I wont to buy a car from the show room ? I tray to buy the Bentley but when I press buy come for me restart

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. It did not work for me bro
    What shall i do

  6. invalid action when applying paints.. it always restart.. what should i do?

  7. thank you for your commitment on the achievements of these mod, only that face despite everything correctly ie uninstalling facebook app and original app and immediately after installing the mod just I login through facebook when do you ask the application into just hangs when to load the my garage, but if I do everything from scratch that 'without loading any account works in what may be due? Thanks forward to a solution.

  8. What happened .I don't know if it means we could put matte paints idk how tho please tell me.and how do I put gold underglow .please respond

  9. Are you gonna post the apk up again?

  10. I got error and restart everytime i want install part, its used to work but now its not. Is it just me or what?